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BEIJING Cheap Jeff Hornacek Jersey , June 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese police will be on the streets in numbers to crack down on drink driving during the Brazil World Cup, which will start on June 13.

The traffic control bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has alerted soccer fans to the risks of drink driving and driving while tired after matches.

About 33,580 cases of drink driving occurred during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with 225 accidents, leaving 91 dead and 247 injured.

Most of this year's matches take place after midnight or in the early hours because of the 11 hour time difference between Brazil and China.

As fans watch games in public venues such as restaurants Cheap John Stockton Jersey , bars, food stalls and squares, the police expect a rise in cases of drink driving.

The bureau also warned against bad driving brought on by extreme moods - either euphoric or wretched - because of the results of matches.

(To stay up to date with the latest China news, follow XHNews on Twitter at http:www.twitterXHNews and Xinhua News Agency on Facebook at http:www.facebookXinhuaNewsAgency.)

Arthritis is a crippling disorder characterized by inflammation of joints accompanied by chronic pain. Of the 100 different types, the most common are osteoarthritis Cheap Pete Maravich Jersey , rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. In most cases there is no cure and a patient suffers continuous to intermittent pain ranging from mild to excruciating. Osteoarthritis affects the major joints and usually occurs in the elderly due to wear and tear of bones and joints. In rheumatoid arthritis the immune system attacks body tissues, damages tissues and cartilages and results in bones wearing out. Arthritis limits flexibility and movement besides causing general weakness. At best a doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers supported by physiotherapy.

Ayurveda takes a different approach to arthritis treatment. The herbs used for natural ayurvedic treatment of arthritis are asthisanhar, suranjan, chobchini, long (cloves) Cheap Adrian Dantley Jersey , jaiphal, rigni, guggul, ashwagandha, nirgundi Wholesale Utah Jazz Jerseys , ghavpatta, nagkesar, piplamul, haritki, rasna Wholesale Jazz Jerseys , nag bhasm, ramayphal and godanti gadtal bhasm (arsenil trisulphidum). These herbs are combined in the best proportions in Rumacure capsules, an ayurvedic herbal preparation claiming to confer immense benefit to those suffering from arthritis. Is it really effective or are you just spending money?

Take a look at the herbs used in Rumacure. Asthisanhar or cissus quadrangularis is known since ages as being effective in promoting quick healing of broken bones. Colchicum Inteum or Suranjan is proven in reducing inflammation and providing pain relief. Long or cloves are the most powerful intoxidants and pain relievers. Jaiphal works on the brain as a pacifier, detoxifies and heals. Ashwagandha helps cellular regeneration, is an adaptogen Cheap Utah Jazz Jerseys , tonic for both brain and muscles. Rasna is another known herb with powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action while improving muscle strength. Chobchini is analgesic and anti-inflammatory and its special property is that it imparts flexibility to joints. Godanti Hadtal bhasma is an analgesic and is also rich in calcium and other minerals, helping maintain bone strength and regeneration. Nirgundi contains hydroxybenzoic acid, isoorientin, chrysophenol D, aromatic oils sabinene Cheap Jazz Jerseys , linalool, terpinen-4-ol and globulol all of which combine to give analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Piplamul or pippali is a rejuvenator, pacifies kapha dosha, is a vasodilator Wholesale Trey Lyles Jersey , febrifuge, analgesic, liver tonic and digestion improver helping in better absorption of nutrients as well as removal of toxins. Kuchla or Ramayphal contains strychnine, an alkaloid found to be quite helpful in rheumatism and arthritis.

It is a well known fact that allopathic analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs may cause acidity, at the least or some other complications when interacting with other medications. Rumacure is said to be safe and effective. It is not difficult to see why when the right herbs have been chosen in this unique formulation. Efficacy of herbal medicines for arthritis is related to the availability of active components in the right quantity. Laboratory testing is difficult and the best way to test efficacy of Rumacure is through practical administration.

Two middle aged men were chosen. One was given pain killer pills to take for two months for rheumatoid arthritis. Another with the same complaint was given Rumacure capsule to be taken thrice a day with water or milk. Unsurprisingly Wholesale Boris Diaw Jersey , the subject on Rumacure reported dramatic relief in pain and inflammation that had subsided to be barely noticeable. He also reported increased energy and mental alertness. The other man on pain killer pills did not report any symptomatic relief. This clearly shows in an unbiased way that ancient ayurvedic herbs, when chosen and combined in the correct way, work wonders without any side effects.

DHAKA, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Bangladesh's largest opposition party leaders led by ex-Prime Minister Khaleda Zia met have joined the dialogue initiated by the President Md. Abdul Hamid for reconstitution of the election commission ahead of the country's next general elections.

The 13-member Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) delegation on Sunday evening reached the Official Residence-cum-Office of the President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

The dialogue initiative followed Khaleda Zia's demands for formation of the Election Commission (EC) through consultation with all parties.

Md Joynal Abedin, press secretary to the president, told Xinhua last week that the president will hold talks with all registered parties before appointing the chief election commissioner and other election commissioners in line with Section-118 of the Bangladesh Constitution.

He had then said the marathon talk. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Wholesale NCAA Jerseys China Wholesale College Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Online

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