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JUBA 2017 Donne Uomo Air Max Flair Scarpe Bianche , May 31 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan seeks to increase commercial fish production by investing in modern fishing technologies, processing and value addition in bid to increase the revenue base of the oil-dependent nation, a senior government official said Wednesday.

James Janga Duku 2017 Uomo Air Max Flair Scarpe Nere Grigie , Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Resources, said his ministry has partnered with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to develop to build a national fisheries policy 2017 Donne Air Max Flair Scarpe Rosa , improve fishing technology through provision of fishing gear, value addition, packaging techniques and increasing international marketing of fish products.

Duku said South Sudan currently produces an estimated 200 puma rihanna nere ,000 to 400,000 tons of fish annually despite the country's large quantity of different fish species in swamps and the River Nile.

He blamed use of rudimentary fishing methods, poor infrastructure and lack of fisheries laws and to guide investment in the fisheries sector.

""Here in South Sudan puma rihanna bianche , we have the fish but we don't know how to catch it for industrial scale because we don't have the capacity. This project will help us prepare for industrial fishing throughout the country and also boost investment in the fishery sector,"" Duku said.

Once the national fishery policy is complete, it will help with financing fishery projects puma rihanna rosa , research on fish species and development of aqua culture, Duku noted.

Andrew Goodwin, Associate Development Expert for UNIDO nike air max plus nere , said between 40 and 45 percent of all fish produced in South Sudan is lost to poor post-harvest practices.

He said a five-year project worth 11 million U.S dollars UNIDO jointly implemented with the government in three states of Jubek, Terekeka and Imatong seeks to reduce post harvest losses, value addition air max tn bianche , capacity building and improving hygiene in fishing camps.

""For people involved in the fishing sector, it can offer economic development to their communities, make people get nutritious products from fish and a huge boost to the economy air max tn nere ,"" Goodwin said.

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Kenya launches flagship standard gauge railway set to transform nation

Upcoming Int'l Children's Day marked across China

S.Korean prosecutors demand seven years in prison against ex-president's confidante

Cheongsam show held at Sanshuiwan scenic spot in Taizhou City

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" "

VIENTIANE, May 3 (Xinhua) -- The people of China and its South-East Asian neighbor Laos have enjoyed the benefits of amicable diplomatic and cultural relations, as well as healthy trade and exchange across a shared frontier for many aeons.

Now celebrating the 55th anniversary of official diplomatic relations between the two nation states, both countries and their citizens continue to enjoy increasing benefits of a partnership that continues to deepen and evolve continuously to the present.

An important part in the strengthening this relationship can be seen in the contribution to poverty reduction in Laos being made by Chinese companies, including joint venture partners.

For example, in the growing hydroelectric power generation sector in Laos, Chinese companies are contributing to poverty reduction efforts through various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Remaining one of the world's least-developed countries, Laos occupies more than 236,000 square-km of land and is home to a population estimated at less than 6.5 million people.

Boasting limestone karst peaks and luxuriant tropical forests home to rare wildlife and splendid vistas, the country's highlands welcome greater numbers of international tourists each year.

However, amidst the scenes of natural beauty remain the hard realities of remoteness and logistics that have been barriers to vital services and the socio-economic development for less-well-off inhabitants.

The majority of the country's population continues to live in remote mountainous villages as they have done from generation to generation and due to a lack of infrastructure, especially poor access to transport and income from trade, many have lived their lives isolated from essential services and opportunities to escape

structural poverty.

That is changing thanks to the power generated by Laos abundant water resources and the support and corporate expertise, vision and social responsibility provided by companies from China.

Among the countless examples of how such China-based support is benefitting some remote regions, is a small village located deep in Phoukoun district, in Luang Prabang province.

The village of Nanding is an isolated village located 4-hours by car from the central administration of Phoukhoun county, a 5-hour walk from the nearest town, and takes nine hours by car to get to from Vientiane.

There was no electricity in the village until four or five years ago when the corporation constructed the road and transmission after commissioning of the related hydropower station.

Now, poles help to carry wires transmitting electricity to each household, considered a welcome sign of modernity allowing many families to install refrigeration, satellite dishes, lights, as well as music players, amplifiers and speakers, which prove a great boon during family celebrations and village festivals.

Several sturdy tile-roofed houses in bright hues are popping up to replace the older style thatched-roofed variety, reflecting the joyful colors that Lao people typically prefer and improving construction standards.

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