Longmay is typical of torpid state-owned enterprises

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Your wedding attire
There are two main considerations when planning your outfit for a wedding abroad. You need to find something that you will be comfortable wearing, especially if you're getting married in the sunshine, and you also need to choose something that you can transport relatively easily.

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When you choose your perfect dress, speak to the designer or store about how best to transport it. It may pack well with plenty of tissue paper, or could be better kept in a dress bag.

Check with your airline for advice on transporting your wedding outfits. Some recommend that they should be boxed or packed into separate suitcases. They will then be placed into the hold. Others suggest that you use suit carriers and, space permitting, they will be hung in the cabin of the aircraft. Outfits can always be carried as hand luggage but this will restrict you to keeping the rest of your hand luggage to a minimum.

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Hair and beauty
Hair and beauty treatments can be arranged when you arrive at your hotel, or you might even decide to book things before you arrive. If your hotel does not have these facilities, ask whether there is somewhere you can visit nearby. For total peace of mind, practice styling your own hair and make-up before setting off.

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BEIJING, March 9 (Xinhua) -- Heilongjiang Longmay Mining, a state-owned enterprise (SOE) in northeastern China, has just laid off 22,500 workers, the first of what is expected to be massive redundancies.

Overstaffed and inefficient Yu Darvish Jersey , the mining colossus still employs 224,000 people, three times the industrial average given Longmay's scale of production: unaffordable and unsustainable.

Having suffered huge losses for years, the company relies on loans and subsidies to cover wages of almost 10 billion yuan (around 1.5 billion U.S. dollars) a year, equivalent to one third of the local government budget.No one knows how long it can keep afloat.

"If its capital chain breaks, even the government is not able to bail out such a giant Will Middlebrooks Jersey ," said Lu Hao, a national lawmaker and governor of Heilongjiang Province.

Longmay is typical of torpid state-owned enterprises in the northeast where heavy industry once prospered. Now carrying huge burdens, profit models are gone and the outlook is grim in.

All three northeastern provinces -- Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning -- are slipping toward recession. Once the robust national industrial base, the region is experiencing a much more acute slowdown than the rest of the country, trailing well behind in terms of GDP growth.

On Monday Tyson Ross Jersey , at the annual parliamentary session, President Xi Jinping asked local authorities and lawmakers from Heilongjiang to find new paths to growth, saying revival of the northeastern region remains a major national strategy.

National policy-makers have high hopes for the old industrial base as they try to re-balance an economy beset by overcapacity, with capital flowing outward and the stock market as volatile as it has ever been.

Bringing new life to the northeastern rust belt means restructuring old sectors while opening up new ones, principally by expanding trade with neighboring Russia.

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