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When it comes to hiring a prospective candidate Authentic Devin White Jersey , knowledge is of utmost importance. While it is possible for you to get relevant information like desired skill sets and qualifications pertaining to the candidate through their resume, it is not until you have conducted background checks on the candidates that you will truly know who you are dealing with. Even though your organization might be carrying out skills and personality assessment, there are certain patterns of behavior that are best left for a background check process to deal. Let us now look at the various steps that will help you to perform background checks on candidates:

Have a background check process in place

In order to ensure that the entire recruitment department is on the same page of the hiring process it is extremely vital to have a process to perform a background check in place. It is equally important to document the process and get it reviewed by the team. With the help of an official background check process, as an employer, you can minimize the risk of missing out on important steps which will avoid you to face legal hassles in the near future. On top of it, if all the team members of the recruitment team are acquainted with the process the background check on the potential candidate can be completed very quickly which will assist in making the onboarding process more efficient.

Get permission from the candidate before running the background check report

If you are conducting a background check on a potential candidate, it is important to get their permission before running their report. This is a compulsion levied by FCRA act. Any information pertaining to bankruptcy, civil suits and credit scores of the candidates are protected by law. But, any information pertaining to criminal convictions or anything else in the public domain can be scrutinized by employers.

By getting the consent from the candidate before carrying out background screening process, you are giving an opportunity to the candidate to explain anything that might exist on their record. There are times when due to errors in background check reports like identity thefts, many candidates are denied the right to get employment. Watch out for these loopholes very carefully.

Understand the state laws pertaining to background check in your country

It is extremely critical for you as an employer to understand the state laws pertaining to background check before conducting the process. There are certain states that do not allow arrest records or credit history to be used in the hiring process. It is therefore advised that you take the legal advice from your counselor before conducting the background check process.

Hire the right background screening partner

It is not possible for an organization to carry out the background check process on its own because it requires lots of preciseness and research which is not possible. Hence, one of the most common resort for organizations to outsource the process to a specialized, external agency. While selecting a background screening partner, employers should look for an agency that abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as nearly all background checks are governed by it. If you do not check whether your partner is FCRA complaint or not, there are chances of legal action being taken against the organization and the services being used.

While conducting background check on potential candidates, look for the following reports:

鈼?Criminal Records Check
鈼?Social Security Validation
鈼?Address History Check
鈼?U.S. Terror Watch List Check
鈼?Sex Offender Registry Check
鈼?Driving Records
鈼?Credit Report
鈼?Military Service Records

Once you have conducted the background check process and run the report, it is time to review the information to make an informed hiring decision. While taking the final call, always watch out for serious past issues, as you are responsible for the safety and security of all your employees and the organization.

Vivek Asrani is a content specialist at cFIRST Background Checks, one of leading employee background verification companies in India. Vivek writes about the various aspects of recruitment technology.

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Lourdes Fernandes is the Business Head of cFirst Background Checks, one of the leading employee background verification companies in India. Lourdes is an industry veteran and often writes about the various aspects of employee background verification.

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