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Dining table - changing the house is bound to have a new set of dining tables Newport 100S. For this reason, I once struggled to choose what kind of dining table, but it is not to pursue luxury, just to satisfy the daily dining and suitability of a family of three. A small gathering of friends and family. At the same time, I feel that the table is a must-have for three meals a day. It is as important as the bed that has been with us for the longest time. I am not a foodie. My wife and children are not partial to me, not picky eaters. I also use philosophers. One sentence to reprimand the child "to eat is to live, not to eat." But we have to live, and after all, we have to eat. The Chinese do not pay attention to the nutritional mix of food. What can be said is the process of eating. Perhaps this is the reason why the Chinese millennium wine culture prevails. If there is a friend around us who wants to invite you to dinner, there will be a following story between you: First Cheap Cigarettes, there is something to ask for your help; second, thank you and you; third, you have troubles to talk to you Marlboro Gold. The above three are not the ones that you at least are others. The dawn of the world, the Chinese people's table is always the birthplace of the story. The memory of the children in the countryside is a soil stove, whether it is a man working in the field or a child playing in the field, in the chimney on the roof. The smoke that comes out is a long-awaited expectation. The family is tasting the delicious food around the table, and it is a sublimation of family. At the table of my parents, I can always feel the warmth of my elderly parents Cigarettes Online. I can always feel the encouragement of my son and the tacit understanding between husband and wife on the table accompanied by my wife and children. Many parents may have encountered the trouble of feeding their children when they are young. In order to let the children eat more, they are holding a bowl of spoons and feeding, chasing and feeding. When I am exhausted by feeding my son, I am forced to do so. Set a strict rule, the son must sit with us on the table when eating, when the adult puts down the tableware, he must end the meal, if you are not full, you can only go hungry. After a long time, the child has adapted, and the problem of feeding the children will be solved. I don��t think it��s the role of my strict rules. The key is that the dining atmosphere of the adults on the table has infected the children. I found the periphery of my life. But those who are optimistic about life are all good eaters. If you have a good meal, you don't have to have a sea of ??seafood. It is a process of making a warm and happy meal. My wife is engaged in education, and I am also rushing to busy work. My son��s junior high school is also very burdensome. When I go home from work, my wife is buried in her favorite mobile phone screen. My son is drilling into his study, and I am staring. TV screens or holding your favorite books. The dining table has become the most important place for communication in our family. I have thought about how important a table is to the harmony and development of a family, to the health and well-being of a child, but we must pay attention to every communication of every meal Carton Of Cigarettes. When I was chatting with my uncle, he once complained about such depression in front of me. Because the family was eating and playing mobile phones and letting him feel a kind of indifference that was not respected, I can understand such depression, no matter where it is. A place to eat, if we encounter such a low-end mobile phone family, it is difficult to accept scientific research, to maintain a happy mood during meals, can promote gastric secretion and gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, busy we need Sit down and eat every meal, and cherish every minute we sit at the table with our family.
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