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c Langzhong is not famous, but the Buddha Temple is famous. More than ten years ago Marlboro Cigarettes, in the high school of the county, he often went to the monastery, not to worship the Buddha, but to look at the scenery, the picture is clean. At that time, the temples had fewer tourists and fewer pilgrims, so Jingmei was quiet and very suitable for reading books. But at that time, just out of the countryside, curiosity and naughty dilute interest in knowledge. We looked at the red walls and the golden Biwa. How to see the temples are all style buildings, like a palace building, showing the spirit of the Son of Heaven. There is no such thing as a child in the middle of the night, but it can be seen from the introduction of Tallin that there are several famous Zen masters here. Although the Zen master has gone away, the spirit of Hongfa has existed for a long time because of the reputation of the Zen master. Now the temple is still open. The Fa Conference Wholesale Cigarettes, it is often said that the Fa. I have no time and no interest in listening Online Cigarettes, because my relatives believe that the old man with the child will take care of the child every time she goes to the lecture. The old man is illiterate, but often holds a string of rosary, and his mouth is plausible. It is the Buddhist scriptures. Although he is old, he is very embarrassed and eats very little. He may only have 30% full, his body is slightly thin and very kind. Every time I have a word in my house, but always say that the Buddha will bless you, don't be too noisy, in fact, her voice is not very big, does not affect anything, and sometimes feels very warm. Once, Xiaomei and I said that her child was very noisy, and the old man had read a passage for him. The child was paralyzed and calmed down. I think the child really has Huigen and loves Buddha from childhood. When I think of it, our family often comes to the family from the grandson of the old man. The old man often comes to chanting. The family is really clean. Even the sick children are healthy. Every time they go hiking, there are many people watching the temple to eat the Buddha. The children are always entangled with the grandmother to eat fast, I think we are not used to eating, they take the children home with a strong. The child must not understand the Buddha, but it is so lively. If you come and go, you must start learning Buddha. The Buddhist temple brings aura to the mountains. A magnificent royal temple attracts visitors to see the scenery, and there are also pilgrims who come to burn incense. Sometimes they look at them from a thousand miles, and sincerely worship, I feel that there is always something missing in my heart, living now. The famous Zen master is gone. But I often hear that a big monk is still okay. His creed is that the wine is in the intestines and the Buddha��s heart is left. Pork beef, mutton, fish and meat are not rejected, danced into the dance, and the car came and went through the lights. This monk is not too shallow, there should be a way to go, many officials go to visit, have a great reputation, the French network is restored, not leaking. Like a royal palace, a temple is a melting pot. Good and bad, good and evil can be transformed here, and the people are just one of the pilgrims. As the visiting people stepped into the shackles, the monk's reputation became smaller. People began to dare to catch those rumors and swear words in the tea after the joke, and began to dare to scorn the gaze and look. In our lives, we are an open-minded audience. We never speak, never have a voice. When others say it, everyone laughs and screams. Everyone cries and frowns. It is actually the influence of a follower clown monk. Gradually getting weaker, the masses who believed in Buddhism began to grow. They began to listen to the Dharma and began to eat the Buddha in the temple. The temple began to be lively. Every time I climbed, I stared at the big tree by the road. I felt that every tree was like a Buddhist humbly welcoming all the people, sheltering us from the rain; listening to the birds singing in the trees Marlboro Red, is it a big compassion? Is it the common life of the Pudu; the spring in the mountains, flowing in the mountains, is it that the tears of the Buddha are full of Buddhahood, filled with aura and often worship Buddha Newport Cigarettes, mountains and temples have become Fushan, Fudi, people began to fall in love with the landscape temple here, One grass and one wood, one mountain and one mountain.
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