The medical drama series has just unveiled the Dr. Eric Forem

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Rawhide Eli Harold Authentic Jersey , typically the skins of cows or pigs - ranks at the top of the popularity list of dog treats. And it's no wonder: dogs love them. What's interesting is that dogs aren't so much attracted to the rawhide as they are to the chewing.

In the wild, dogs rip and shred the skin from their prey. A dog will work very hard for his dinner, tearing and stripping away at the meat. Rawhide treats are an excellent way to provide dogs with an outlet for this natural instinct to chew, and offers the added benefits of helping to keep gums and teeth healthy and relieving anxiety or boredom. If your dog is happily gnawing on his rawhide treat, your shoes and furniture are safe!

Buying checklist for rawhide treats

Beefeaters products meet all the criteria for high quality rawhide treats. Don't settle for less.

• 1st grade quality rawhide

• no additives or preservatives or fillers

• a wide variety sizes to ensure the rawhide treat is appropriate for the breed size

• no artificial colors or flavors

• if you are looking at compressed or pressed rawhide, make certain it is made from strips – and not scraps of rawhide

• oven-baked to seal in flavor

Look for a rawhide treat that will take a lot of time to chew up, providing good exercise for the jaws. If you are looking at knotted, braided or twisted treat, know that the best ones are made from a single piece of rolled and knotted rawhide.

Rawhide and dental health

The dental benefits of rawhide treats may come as a surprise since we don't usually associate rawhide treats with dental health. As rawhide is chewed and moistened by saliva, it wraps around the teeth and helps to rub off the plaque. In addition -

• tugging and pulling on rawhide toughens the teeth and gumsCleans the Teeth

• rubs away plaque build-up

• reduces the risk of gingivitis

Hours and hours of entertainment

Long lasting rawhide is a safe chewing activity. Don't restrict yourself: try the full range of rawhide bones, sticks, chips and twists. For aggressive chewers, try compressed rawhide that typically lasts 3 to 5 times longer than regular rawhide.

Puppies and Rawhide

Like babies, puppies experience discomfort from teething. The pressure applied to the gums from chewing on rawhide treats helps to relieve teething pain. This practice also builds a strong foundation of healthy teeth and gums. You can safely feed rawhide to puppies when they reach 12 weeks.

About the Author

Beefeaters provides a full range of rawhide treats for dogs. Check out our compressed beefhide, pork hide, pigs ears and Natural Parts. All are oven baked to seal in flavor. You will never find additives, preservatives or fillers in a Beefeaters treat. To review the full product line, visit www.beefeaters.

The series follows the life of the ingenious anti-social, arrogant, addicted to pain medication, medical doctor Gregory House with only half a muscle in his right leg. He and his team of doctors try to cure very ill ordinary people in the United States of America.

Wentworth Miller visits “House MD” in a preview next exit which has landed online. In the episode, who plays Benjamin, a man who suddenly collapses after making a rare and generous donation. True to his nature cynical, the main character is asked why the patient’s charitable activity. This time, supported by the Dr. Chi Park, who also believes that altruistic behavior may indicate an end Benjamin deeper medical condition.

With no definitive explanation for the loss of Benjamin of consciousness and lack of response to treatment, the House pushes right buttons just to hire the former prison Dr. Jessica Adams for volunteering their time and expertise to the case. Thirteen Olivia Wilde is also back, but hope the House to get the band back together could be ruined when she says it’s not a doctor more.

Benjamin makes a bold but potentially fatal offering that can save another life, and the team must diagnose the disease before putting their lives on the line. Meanwhile, Adams and Park test another point of view of generosity and gratitude, and guilt Thirteen conflicts with their search for personal happiness.

“Charity Case” will air Monday, October 17

The medical drama series has just unveiled the Dr. Eric Foreman as the new Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital in this week’s episode. It talks about how his alter ego to try to manage under their control House, Omar Epps, TVLine said, “It’s definitely going to have to their game. He’s going to have to enforce the new lay of the land, we know that Foreman home Cuddy is not, while the order of their respect. ”

“He knows that there is some space that has to give home so that works at full capacity, so what is interesting in the early episodes is both of them trying to find that” comfort zone ” , continued to serve his character now becomes head of the House. “Foreman knows House goes home, he’s going to pull pranks and what you have. But Foreman is ready – is the new regime, and believes in himself and he got the job for a reason.

WATCH HERE: Watch House Season 8 Episode 3 Charity Case
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