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New F4
Recently Cheap NHL Jerseys China , the new TV series “Meteor Garden” officially announced casting of the new F4 members 16 years later. The four leading roles have all gone to newly emerging actors.

Since the gold producer Angie Chai, who created the hit TV series “Meteor Garden” 16 years ago, said in April that she is mulling a remake of Meteor Garden Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale , netizens have been wondering who will play the new F4.

We finally get the answer! The four new actors are Wang Hedi, Guan Hong, Liang Jingkang and Wu Xize. Their average age is 21 Cheap NHL Jerseys , with the average height being 185cm.

Will the new group be the next super team as F4 was 16 years ago?(Jiaqi)

F4 in 16 years ago

Submitted 2017-07-31 09:07:03 Theft and shoplifting are one of the most popular negative impacts of the retail industry. No matter how secure you think your retail store is, there are always chances of thefts. A retail store needs effective CCTV cameras and security system. Investing in a good security system has several long term benefits such as maximized store profits Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , lesser thefts, decrease in the number of theft cases and shoplifting. Video surveillance systems also instil a safer environment for the patrons.


Retail store owners all over the world may find it difficult to catch the veteran shoplifters. Even the loss prevention officers may not be able to catch them. Installing security cameras instead of hiring experienced officers is considered to be a cost effective method as it will help you save thousands of dollars each month.

Employee theft

Despite background checks and interviews, no employer can be 100% sure that employees would be loyal and won鈥檛 steal. When you install CCTV cameras Cheap Jerseys Shop , you can play back the recorded videos to check if the employee has stolen something from your retail store. It can help you recover losses immediately.

Unauthorized discounts

You may have noticed that your employee offers special discounts or sometimes products for free to his family or friends by avoiding scanning the item. Retail store security cameras can help you catch such employees and respond in an appropriate manner.

How important is to install CCTV camera in the retail industry?

One of the obvious reasons for installing CCTV camera in retail store is to prevent shoplifting. As shoplifters and potential thieves would know that they are being watched, they would be less tempted to make an attempt to steal the stuff from your retail store. Any safety risks can be looked after by CCTV cameras. As employees would know that the cameras are installed, they would be more productive.

The latest development in the CCTV for retailers is that the security systems can be used for tracking and analyzing customer movement and behaviour. By watching the recorded videos Cheap Jerseys Discount , managers and store owners can get an idea about the customer behaviour and necessary changes can be made to increase the sales and profits.
With security systems, you can keep 24 X 7 watch on your retail store. Your store can be monitored even when it is closed. If you are located miles away from your store, you can still monitor the activities at your store in real time. You can use security cameras to improve the layout of your store. Based on the footage Cheap Jerseys From China , you can check the patterns that shoppers make and modify the layout.

In addition to reducing criminal activity, CCTV cameras can help to build a safer and secure workplace for your employees. The footage can be helpful to pick tides and ebbs at your retail store in terms of customer activity.
Where to place security cameras at retail store?
Every storefront is different in terms of size and shape. Hence, placing CCTV cameras at the right places is important. Properly installed security systems will reduce crime and improve customer satisfaction.

Entrances and exits

Make sure that you install CCTV cameras at store鈥檚 entrance and exit locations. This will help you monitor the entry and exits of the customers as well as staff members. You can mount cameras just above the entrances and exits of your retail store.

Cash counter

Install cameras where the bill is generated. This is a sensitive area and so Cheap Jerseys China , it should be observed all the time. Dishonest employees can steal the cash from the counter. Make sure that all sales are recorded in your system by having a look at the CCTV footage.

Sales floor

The sales floor should be well lit and have CCTV cameras installed. Most of the shoplifters tend to migrate to low lit aisles and areas to get lesser visibility. Make sure that you mount good number of CCTV cameras in sales floor.


Some retail store owners ignore the importance of installing security systems at warehouses. Look for the right places at your warehouse where you can install CCTV cameras and protect its belongings.

Parking lot

You can buy CCTV cameras for your parking lot if your store has its own parking lot. Vehicle break-ins can be prevented by installing proper security systems at parking lots.

Whether you own a small retail store or a large one, make sure that you invest in the right video surveillance system to monitor the activities at all the time and prevent crime. Do some research and pick the best suitable cameras to safeguard your premises and belongings. <. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap Mens Jerseys Cheap Sports Jerseys Cheap Hockey Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping

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