ater to flush out the bladder.

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In a nutshell cheap nike air max 98 , Cystitis is an infection of the bladder. The term however is often used to cover a range of infections and irritations affecting the lower urinary system. The main symptom is that you experience a frequent need to urinate and burning sensations when you do.
The following guide will explore the Cystitis condition, so you can better tackle it.

Causes of Cystitis
The most frequent cause of Cystitis is an infection from intestinal bacteria, especially among women – 20% to 40% will experience it in their lifetime. It’s important to note that it is possible to have bacteria in the bladder without having any symptoms, particularly in the elderly.
There are several reasons for bacteria infecting your bladder, such as inadequate emptying which results in the stagnation of urine cheap nike air max pre order , a side effect of prescription drugs, immobility, abnormal bladder control and constipation.
The following conditions make it easier for bacteria to travel through the urethra (the tube through which urine passes from the bladder to the outside), resulting in infection:
Because women have a short urethra that is located relatively close to their anus, it’s common for them to get a bacterial infection in this way. The solution is for females to dry themselves from front to back to avoid leading bacteria from their intestine into their urethra.
It’s important for expectant mothers to have their urine carefully checked for bacteria www.airmaxdaycollection.com , as there is also the risk of kidney infection and pre-term delivery if left untreated.
Sexual Activity
Sometimes called ‘Honeymoon Cystitis’, a bladder infection can sometimes be caused by frequency of sexual activity in women.

Birth Defect in the Urinary System
This is particularly prevalent in boys and men. Their congenital (present from birth) condition makes them susceptible to frequent infections of the urinary system because they cannot completely empty their bladder.
If you have a medical condition which necessitates using a catheter to drain urine, you will naturally have bacteria in your bladder, but usually without symptoms. The problem arises in that when the catheter is changed, small lesions can result which increase the risk of infection.
Enlarged Prostate
Occurring generally in older males cheap air max day 2018 , an enlarged prostate (the male sex gland) will prevent the bladder from being emptied completely.
Post Menopause
Because females naturally have less sex hormones after undergoing menopause, one of the side effects is that their urinary system is more easily irritated by bacteria that cause Cystitis.

The Symptoms of Cystitis
If you experience any of the following symptoms, it’s recommended you pay a visit to your GP for treatment:
? Burning sensations during urination.
? Frequent urination.
? Pain directly above the pubic bone.
? Cloudy and stale-smelling urine.
? Occasional blood in the urine.
? Children under five years of age with the condition often experience less concrete symptoms, such as weakness, irritability air max day 2018 collection , reduced appetite and vomiting.
? Older women may also show none of the normal symptoms but experience weakness, falls, confusion or fever.

Treating the Condition
The following actions will help you prevent or minimise the effects of Cystitis:
? Drink plenty of water to flush out the bladder.
? During urination, ensure your bladder is emptied completely – place yourself backwards on the toilet as this posture is more suitable for a thorough emptying of the bladder than the usual sitting posture.
? Warm clothes on the lower part of the body help to prevent Cystitis.
? Cranberry juice or capsules taken daily greatly help to prevent bacterial infection – the glorious cranberry prevents common bacteria from ‘sticking’ to the walls of the bladder and so infection cannot take hold.
? Urinate immediately after sexual intercourse to flush out bacteria from the urethra.
? Try to urinate at least once every three hours. Women who avoid urination for long periods suffer from more infections.
If you’re certain you have a bladder infection, the good news is there are a number of products available over the counter at a pharmacist to treat Cystitis. If the symptoms persist air max day 2018 , or if you’re vomiting, pregnant or see blood in your urine, you should definitely pay a visit to your GP so they can run the appropriate tests and perhaps give you a more aggressive treatment.

The tips listed above will usually be successful at preventing and treating Cystitis. Particularly for women however, if you suffer from more than two episodes of the condition every year, your GP may prescribe medium term use of an antibiotic as protection against recurrence. All in all Cheap Nike Air Max 360 KPU TPU Men's Black , a bladder infection, if treated proactively in the early stages, is far from a serious problem and can be effectively cured.

Maria Bantellis is a medical student and Cystitis researcher.

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