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NEW DELHI air max 270 white outlet , Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- At least 13 people were injured when a passenger train derailed in the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu early on Friday, causing chaos of local railway transport, police said.

The Kanyakumari-Bangalore Island Express derailed on Friday morning near Tirupathur in Tamil Nadu's Vellore area bordering Karnataka state.

The injured have been taken to hospitals while affected passengers were sent to Bangalore by buses and a special train.

Medical emergency services were also sent to the location. Eleven trains have been cancelled following the accident, railway officials said.

TV footages showed that some of the coaches of the train lay turtle or up-side-down off the track.

The express which left on Thursday, derailed between Somanayakanpatti and Patchur in Tamil Nadu around 4:15 a.m. local time, according to Hindustan Times online.

Railway officials said 11 coaches of the train were affected air max 270 black outlet , out of which eight derailed and three of them capsized. The cause of derailment is not known yet.

Railway derailments take place from time to time in India.

by Jamal Hashim

BAGHDAD, June 11 (Xinhua) -- It is not yet clear whether a new U.S. plan to send hundreds of troops to Iraq to help defeating the Islamic State (IS) militant group was the right move to give a push to the Iraqi forces on the battleground, but some Iraqis here met President Barack Obama's new strategy with scepticism.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that Obama authorized the deployment of up to 450 more American troops to Iraq to train and assist the Iraqi forces battling the IS extremist group.

Obama's decision apparently, was based on a fact that despite daily air strikes on IS positions, the Iraqi security force have failed so far to stem the advance of the extremist group which took over Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi last month.

In addition air max 270 flyknit outlet , a year has passed and the Iraqi forces have also failed to retake the northern city of Mosul from the hands of the IS militants.

Earlier, the fall of Ramadi to the IS militants on May 17 pushed the U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to blame the Shiite-dominated security forces for their lack of "will to fight" in the battle for the Sunni city of Ramadi, despite that the Iraqi soldiers "vastly outnumbered" the IS attackers.

"What apparently happened is the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight," Carter said, adding that the Iraqi soldiers quickly withdrew and left behind large numbers of U.S. vehicles, including several tanks cheap air max 270 outlet , that are now presumed to be in the IS hands.

Najib al-Jubouri, a political analyst, told Xinhua that "based on Carter's comments, Obama's administration sees that there is no partners on the ground in Iraq, as long as the troops have no will to fight, then the airstrikes would be useless."

"This is a sort of partial shift in the U.S. strategy of fight against Daash (IS group) in Iraq nike air max 270 outlet , which depends of recruiting more Sunni fighters in the Sunni provinces in order to reduce the depend on the Shiite-dominated forces and allied Shiite militias," Jubouri said.

Jubouri believes that the Iraqi forces still have real problems, including poor command and control, lack of coordination, intelligence deficit and other logistic issues.

The deteriorated situation of the Iraqi army and police forced Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to depend on Shiite militias who are better organized, having faith and ready to sacrifice air max 270 sale outlet , unlike the soldiers who work just for the salaries.

The Americans apparently are disappointed from Abadi's slow and ineffective measures in reaching out to the Sunni community, as the U.S. administration sees that it is crucial to bring Sunni tribal fighters, who are the land owners, to the battlefield, according to Jubouri.

The Sunnis believe that a large presence of Sunni paramilitaries within the Hashd Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization air max 270 outlet , or even separately is necessary to reduce the fears of the Sunni residents of possible burning and looting to their homes by the Shiite militias based on sectarian and revenge motives like what happened in the cities of Tikrit, Dour and other towns and villages in the Salahudin province which the security forces and allied Shiite militias freed most of it from IS extremists.

However, Abadi's efforts to bring Sunni recruits to the battleground were hampered by the embattled political parties, who failed to enact a law to form the national guard from tribal Sunni fighters in order to join the Shiite-dominated security forces.

For his part, Hussein al-Shimmari, a military expert http://www.cheapairmax270outlet.com/ , said that the U.S. decision of sending hundreds of U.S. troops has both positive and negative impacts on the situation on the ground and the future of the country.

There is no doubt that both Anbar and Mosul are powerful strongholds for IS militants and are of a great vital for the extremist group.

"IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi selected Mosul for his (caliphate) speech last summer, and that was dramatically symbolic," Shimmari told Xinhua.

"Anbar also has long been a hub for powerful Sunni insurgency. Its geographic complexity, expansive deserts and multiple borders made its security task the most difficult," he said.

"If the American be more effective in helping bolster security forces to free such significant targets from IS, that would be great if they succeed. But empowering Sunnis in the Sunni heartland could lead to fast split up of the country from the Shiite dominance air max 270 red outlet ," Shimmari said.

Shimmari wondered if there is enough and true guarantees for the Iraqi government that any new Sunni forces would be under full control of Iraqi armed forces.

However, the positive impact would occur if Iraq succeeds to develop an effective configuration of Iraqi forces, from the security forces (army and police forces), Hashid Shaabi, and Sunni tribes, he said.

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