You suck my blood,

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You suck my blood, it dyes your soft tongue, you don't hate it, so use your sexy red lips to suck it into the throat until it slowly flows from your belly to you In my heart. In this midsummer full moon night, you are unwilling to be lonely, come here for a thousand miles Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, and beside me. While lingering at your fingertips and kissing, you still don't forget to use your muttering words to tell me the loneliness of your lovesickness. I bowed my head and tried to wipe away your tears. Who knows that you are angry, and abandoned me, leaving only the sad snoring echoing in my ear. How can I let you go so far, I will pursue your distant figure by the dim light, thousands of seconds to pursue Cigarettes Wholesale Price, thousands of seconds lost, can not find your hidden trace. I know this is a game you played with me. You have been hiding in the house, waiting for the middle of the night. When I was asleep, you gently touched my skin and still told me your sentiment. Finally, you accidentally hurt me, let me wake up in my dreams. I turned around and wanted to take you into my arms and press it under my body. Who knows that you are in a hurry, bite a bite in my chest, and you can only loosen the blood when you bite straight Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. This bite is so profound. The bite is so heavy, and it also makes you deeply branded in my heart. It��s a pity that Tianzhu Jiayuan, why should God play with us like this? Why do you want to have such a greedy heart? When you don��t pay attention, let me vent your resentment and bite me. This time you are so bitter and bitter, so satisfying, let my blood completely occupy your petite and graceful body, and drive away all your dissatisfaction. But do you know? Because of your greed, because of your enthusiasm, your reaction is not sensitive, your skills are not flexible, so that I have no intention of holding you in my palm during my sleep Marlboro 100S Carton, I would like to appreciate your charming Newport Cigarette Price, It��s a pity that I��m too hard and it hurts you. Your breath is getting weaker and weaker. Slowly, I look at you affectionately, looking at your unappealing face, watching you not in a hot posture, watching you not in smooth skin, I suddenly felt how sinful I am.

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