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BRUSSELS nike kyrie 4 australia , June 22 (Xinhua) -- Tibetan girls enjoy the same rights as their male peers in education, jobs and other aspects of the society, members of a Tibetan cultural exchange delegation from China told participants of the meeting on Thursday in the Belgian city of Huy.

"In fact, in most Tibetan families, parents usually favor daughters, and often see them as inheritors of the family kyrie 4 australia ," said Gama Danba, deputy secretary-general of the Tibetan Association for International Cultural Exchange, who is among the the group of senior experts on Tibetan history and culture.

"Take my family for example, my parents have four children, and it's one of my younger sisters who will take charge of the family," he explained.

Speaking of the progress on education in Tibet kyrie shoes australia , Danba told participants that 95 percent of Tibetans did not have access to any sort of education before 1959, the year when the region was peacefully liberated from the theocratic feudal serfdom.

"But now all Tibetan children, both boys and girls, get equal opportunities to attend schools where they can learn in Tibetan, Mandarin and English languages," he said.

The delegation was on a visit to Belgium to promote Tibetan cultural exchange and share the development of Tibet over the past decades.

The meeting began with a lecture on Tibetan history by anthropologist and member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Hao Shiyuan kyrie irving shoes australia , which provided an overview of the region's development from the social, economic and cultural aspects.

Citing the latest figures, Hao made comparison of Tibet before and after 1959, the year when the region was peacefully liberated from the theocratic feudal serfdom.

"Many Westerners have misconceptions about Tibet. That's why we're here to present the reality," Hao said.

He underlined that Tibet's GDP grew by 11.5 percent in 2016, and people's income grew by 10 to 13 percent.

The lecture was followed by a Q&A session in which many participants were keen to ask questions about Tibet's education under armour rocket australia , gender equality and the Buddhist religion.

Books, DVDs and traditional Tibetan incense were provided at the meeting to help locals get a glimpse of the region's unique culture.

"It was completely different from what I thought of Tibet before," local resident Claude Honore said after the meeting. "I have never visited China but now I'm really intrigued to go there and see for myself."

Two aldermen of Huy, Eric Dosogne and Andre Deleuze, welcomed the delegation, saying that the exchange was a great opportunity for the Belgians to learn about Tibet.

CANBERRA under armour thrill 3 australia , July 3 (Xinhua) -- Stark cultural differences and a language barrier are responsible for the gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, according to a linguistics expert at the University of Adelaide on Monday.

According to Robert Amery, head of Linguistics at the university, a refusal by medical experts to understand the nuances of Indigenous culture and language has contributed to "mistrust and disengagement with the health sector" among Aboriginal Australians, meaning medical care is not often sought out or taken seriously.

The gap in life expectancy between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians is around 16 years in some parts of the Northern Territory, and in a statement accompanying his research on Monday under armour newell ridge australia , Amery said doctors needed to make their advice more accessible for those without a strong grasp on the English language.

"While many speakers of Indigenous languages living in remote areas can engage with outsiders and converse in English about everyday matters, they often have a poor grasp of English when it comes to health communications and other specialized areas," Amery said.

"The communication gap as a contributor (to the life expectancy discrepancy) is under-rated and under-researched."

He said the miscommunication could also be hidden from both parties who believe they are on the same page, but differences in body language were also contributing to confusion.

"Silence plays an important role in Indigenous cultures. Indigenous people often respond to questions after a prolonged pause, a concept foreign to those doctors who see silence as impolite in their own cultures," Amery said.

"They compensate by filling the silence and disrupting Indigenous patients' thoughts. There is a simple solution - pause and allow the patient to think."

He added that historical cultural beliefs were also responsible for a lack of understanding about modern diseases and Western medicines.

"For traditionally oriented Aboriginal people living in remote areas under armour speedform gemini australia , understanding of disease causation is fundamentally different. Serious diseases, even accidents, are often attributed to sorcery. Germ theory and the immune system are foreign concepts," he said.

Amery said in order to bridge the gap in life expectancy and better serve Indigenous Australians from a medical perspective, more time and effort needed to be put into understanding the nuances of Indigenous culture - not only the languages, but also the body language and historical beliefs.

"An investment of time in the consult will have immense payoffs over the long term. We cannot expect our medical students and colleagues to adapt without teaching under armour speedform europa australia ," he said.

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