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Your attitude towards life determines the temperature of your life Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. - The question is July 7th, sunny. I flattered the credo of "returning the summer vacation time to myself and returning happiness." I started the first stop of the trip: Chongqing (Mountain City Impression Chongqing is a municipality that is famous both for its Jiangcheng and Wudu, and for its reputation as a mountain city. The city was built on the mountain, and it was patchwork. Before the trip, I rummaged through the movie "From Your World" and Hayao Miyazaki's anime "Spirited Away". I stayed in Chongqing for nearly three days. The most impressive thing is Hongya Cave. When night falls, the Huayao is on the top Marlboro Cigarettes Website, and the Hongya Cave built along the cliff seems to bring its own star halo Newports Cigarettes Website. The visitors are coming here. The lights are bright, the tourists are weaving, a dreamy city that never sleeps. Looking at the street, do you remember the "Spirited Away"? The years are like the flow, the wind and rain do not move, Hongyadong quietly guards his own story, the Hangjiao Huangjiaping graffiti of the Hang Seng; with the prosperity of the "Western China" Jiefangbei of the First Street; Wulong Tiankeng of the strange landscape of the three bridges and two pits; the magnetic mouth of the lead-washing... I passed the second stop from Chongqing: Passing through Chongqing, heading for Chengdu. Zhao Lei��s "Chengdu" melody Soothing, lightly buckles the listener's atrium When the hour is big, rinse off the burning heat of Chengdu, and take the umbrella to go to the panda base to see a national treasure panda that is thick and sturdy and cute. The little panda does not move, lazily sleeps; the adult panda embraces the bamboo. I bite on my own site, the sound is extraordinarily crisp, especially loud, and I can't help but feel the pain of his teeth. "Ask Qingcheng Mountain, worship the waters of Jiangyan", the ancient Dujiangyan water conservancy project is known as "world water culture." The originator of the ancestors was organized by the son of Li Bing and Li Bing, and was composed of water-spraying fish mouth, Feisha carp, Baobaokou, etc. It has been playing a role of flood control for more than two thousand years and is known as ��Tianfu��s Source." Walked through the Anzhen cable bridge Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, the rain followed the footsteps. The umbrella walked on the bluestone board, "the moss marks the upper green, the grass color into the curtain green", the plants next to the road are full of water drops, "tick" I heard the sound of the open water mist, the jade base is wearing a white gauze, I walked to it, one step, two steps... Near, its white gauze went with the wind. The Yuge Pavilion has six floors. Flying �� �� ��. Laozi's "Tao Jing" is written: Daosheng Three generations Wholesale Cigarettes Online, two generations, three generations, all three things. So the three are very mysterious in Taoism. For this reason, you can experience the "view of the mountains" when you go to the third floor. The momentum of the tower. Looking at the bar, the river is full of water, the entire Dujiangyan water conservancy project and the panoramic view of the city pass through the wide narrow lane, walk through Taikoo Li, walk through Chunxi Road, walk through Wuhou Temple, walk through Jinli, The story of Chengdu has been written into the third station of memory: Qinggan Ring Road (to be continued)

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