hrases are ?on their owners? and ?of the play?

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LOME Colts Tyquan Lewis Jersey , Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Togo will hold the 25th Togo international cycling tour, which attracts riders from three European countries and eight African countries, on April 12-17, Togolese Cycling Federation (FTC)'s official said on Wednesday.

It is a six-step tour that will bring together cyclists from Benin, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, DR Congo, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Togo, the FTC's general secretary Olympio Emile said.

"The distances of the different steps will not be known until the technical commission conducts road reconnaissance," he explained.

He said Togo will send 12 riders in two teams to compete in the event.

"The cyclists to defend the national colours will be selected from winners of two trials," Emile said.

20 out of 32 riders advanced from the first trial, conducted on February 7 and the final squad will be decided on February 21. Enditem

TEHRAN, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned on Sunday the recent suicide bombings in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and a shooting in Turkey's Istanbul, Tasnim news agency reported.

Spokesman Bahram Qasemi offered his deep condolences to the Iraqi and Turkish nations and the bereaved families of victims.

"The instrumental use of violence and terrorism, and applying double standards to counter terrorists have led to this destructive global scourge (of terrorism) to sweep across all geographical, political, moral and religious boundaries and continue its disgraceful existence," Qasemi was quoted as saying.

The only way to counter the phenomenon is a consensus among all countries around the world to fight against violence and terror, he stressed.

A pair of suicide bombings by the Islamic State militants hit a central Baghdad market on Saturday, killing 28 people and wounding at least 54.

Besides, at least 39 people were killed and 69 wounded in an attack in a nightclub early Sunday as they were celebrating New Year. There have been no claims of responsibility so far.

When learning the English language, it is important to have an understanding of the grammar. One area that requires understanding is the function of prepositional phrases. Prepositions are words that have just one possible form which introduces the object of the prepositional phrase.

A few commonly used prepositions in English include: about, above, across, after, against, along among, despite, down, during, around, toward, under, underneath, until, with, within?etc. The preposition?s role is to demonstrate a plausible, time connected, or spatial relationship between the object of the prepositional phrase and the other parts of the sentence.

For instance:

? The man is sitting on the chair.

The prepositional phrase ?on the chair? shows a spatial relationship between the subject man and the object chair

? The child has not been to the pool since almost drowning.

The prepositional phrase ?since almost drowning? shows a time connected relationship between ?has not been to the pool? and ?almost drowning.?

? The woman lost weight despite eating junk food.

The prepositional phrase ?despite eating junk food? shows a plausible relationship between losing weight and eating junk food.

Prepositional phrases consist of a preposition and an object of a preposition and perform a number of sentence functions that include: Particles, Heads The Prepositional Phrases, Complements of Phrases, Adverb Modifying a Verb, Adjective Modifying a Noun, or functioning as nouns but are not real nouns and are referred to as Nominals.

1.) Particles

Particles consist of a phrasal verb followed by a preposition.

mess up
jump in

The prepositions ?up? and ?in,? act as particles in the phrasal verbs ?mess up? and ?jump in.?

2.) Heads The Prepositional Phrases

in the office
after the movie

?in? and ?after? precede the prepositional phrases.

3.) Complements of Phrases

Prepositional phrases balance noun phrases, adjective phrases, and verb phrases.

Dogs depend on their owners,
The star of the play just left.

Prepositional phrases are ?on their owners? and ?of the play?

4.) Adverb modifying a Verb

The dog chases after the cat.
The toilet overflowed despite the plumbing repair.
The plant grew without using special plant food.

5.) Adjective modifying a Noun

Please give me the book next to the computer.
I see the car with the large dent.
Stop the car at the railroad tracks.

6.) Functioning as Nominals

The store is next to the bank.
The office is between a restaurant and a gift shop.
The encore is after the concert has finished.

The Nominal performs this function in sentences when they are used in conjunction with the designated verb.

7.) Adjuncts

Prepositional phrases working as adjuncts frame an entire clause.

For my part, I enjoyed learning to swim.
With all due respect, you are not my boss.

The prepositional phrases are ?for my part? and ?with all due respect.?

When learning the English language, understanding the rules and meanings of sentence phrases that includes such functions as prepositional phrases will go a long way in mastering both the spoken and written language.

Prepositional phrases have many uses in English, and it is helpful to know when to use them when learning to speak, read, and write in English.


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